Seattle Slew's personality was marked by many special traits and interesting characteristics. He was an extraordinary horse. The intelligence he portrayed was his foremost attribute. Many who had an opportunity to spend time with Slew considered him the most intelligent horse they had ever been around. Those that interacted with Slew felt it was like communicating with a human being. It was really interesting to see Slew face a situation that was placed in front of him and watch as he contemplated a response.

Confidence was another important component to Slew's personality. As longtime groom Tom Wade says, "He had a confidence about who he was in the present and the legacy that he would leave behind to the thoroughbred industry forever."

Slew had fire, energy and an extremely focused mental attitude when there was a hint of racing at hand. His mental air-of-superiority and eagerness to perform manifested itself in his post-parade antics. This spark of enthusiasm and passion for racing burned memories in the minds of those who witnessed his famous war dance on the way to the post.

Some of Slew's favorite times were his quiet times. There was a gentle and calm spirit that surrounded him. He knew that he could trust those around him because of the love, devotion and protection he felt. He knew no harm would ever come to him.

Slew loved his mornings immensely. He enjoyed being tacked up and led to the track for his morning exercises where he would face each new day with a renewed spirit.

He loved the cold weather and snow. The wintry beginning to every year triggered the anticipation of the upcoming breeding season. He spent many hours looking through the back door of his stall anticipating and viewing the arrival of mares.

Slew displayed another special personality trait when visitors came to see him. When children were present, he always seemed to show them a particularly kind eye and pay them special attention. He loved to have his picture taken and always posed to prove that he was truly the victorious and triumphant ruler of the horse world.

Seattle Slew was definitely a fighter and courage enveloped his personality throughout his life. In the hearts of those who loved him he'll always be remembered as the first and only undefeated winner of the American Triple Crown.

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