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5/7/22 - Remembering Slew

The following message was sent along with roses to Slew today.


May 7, 1977, 45 years ago, you were the undefeated Two-Year-Old Champion with speed, courage and heart.

The critics said that Billy was going "to walk you to the Derby," but he knew best. You and Mike Kennedy were such a team as you galloped in the mornings.

It is De... [more]

5/7/22 - Derby Day 2022

On this exact day, 45 years ago, Seattle Slew made dreams come true by showing the world the kind of champion he was on the greatest stage in Kentucky. Winning the Kentucky Derby before going on to take the Triple Crown having never lost and then coming back as a four-year-old to face even bigger challenges and secure unmatched accomplishments, Slew was quite simply a legend.

For more than two decades, each May 7 was a day for celebrating and remembering your glorious Run for the Roses. When you fought your way to the lead in front of the crowd the first time and dominated the race to charge under the finish line ... [more]

2/15/22 - Happy Birthday to Our Brilliant Slew

Forty-eight years have now passed since you took your first breaths and steps at White Horse Acres.

Seattle Slew, you won the Triple Crown having never experienced defeat. You were and remain the most complete Thoroughbred: a champion on the track every year and a champion sire. You sired such outstanding runners who continue to pass on your talent with each new generation.

Slew, you defined greatness. And you changed our lives and the lives of so many others.


2/15/22 - Happy Birthday in Heaven, Slew

Show them ALL who is the Boss up there today and every day. I know you do.

Thanks for giving a young boy an equine hero to admire and be proud of. Hard to believe it all started 48 years ago.


Charles Raehse
... [more]

11/14/21 - Remembering Andy Tuck

Andy Jo Tuck, who spent countless nights keeping watch over Seattle Slew, passed away on Nov. 8, 2021. She was a very special friend to us, and Mickey truly looked forward to their frequent calls these last couple years.

She loved Slew and he loved her back. In the evenings, Andy would tell Slew wonderful stories and they would watch Saturday Night Live together. She was with Slew until the end and we're sure Slew welcomed her to Heaven.

God bless you, Andy Jo Tuck.



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