"He made good owners, good trainers, and good jockeys. He made everything good."
Mickey Taylor

"I knew I had a horse who was different from the rest. I knew when you see a horse go that fast with no effort, that's different. He was a good student with tremendous energy and phenomenal ability. All I had to do was control it. ...He had blinding speed and burning determination. My job was to get him to accept competition and other horses."
Trainer - Billy Turner

"It was one of the great privileges to be around something great, a feeling that will likely never be duplicated," he said. "He was one in a million, and showed us there is that possibility in a game of impossibilities."
Hill 'n' Dale owner John Sikura

"He was the most complete thoroughbred the industry has seen. He just kept raising the bar with every record he broke."
Owner - Mickey Taylor

"He had the greatest heart. He was a fighter to the end."
Owner - Karen Taylor

"He wanted to be a racehorse. Even the last couple of years, they were still riding him around. That's what kept him happy. That's what kept him going."
Trainer - Doug Peterson

"It was a privilege to be on a horse like that. On the biggest days, he won the biggest races. He had a good life, he did everything a horse could do."
Jockey - Jean Cruguet

"He was by far the best horse I ever sat on. He reminded me of Muhammad Ali. He was that good and he had that same sort of presence. He'd come into the paddock and you could tell he was showing off."
Jockey - Angel Cordero Jr.

"They would have needed an airplane to beat him that day. It's very rare when you see a horse walk the first part and then finish in a time like that."
Jockey - Angel Cordero Jr. (Commenting on Slew's smashing victory in the 1978 Marlboro Cup)

"He's superior to all, human or four-legged. He has this air about him. ...I bow to him. I'll do anything for him."
Groom - Tom Wade

"Let's face it, Seattle Slew had outlived his entire generation. He lived through a major illness [as a 4-year-old] and came back to race, and through two major surgeries and came back to breed. He's made of a little tougher stuff than the others."
Trainer - Billy Turner

"It's a pleasure to get together with my good friend again. He is my hero as a horse. I am very happy to be together with him, and I am sorry that I got more tired than he did this morning."
Jockey - Angel Cordero Jr. (After riding Slew once again during the 20th Anniversary celebration of his Kentucky Derby Victory)

"He was a true champion. He broke track records his 3-year-old year, he broke them his 4-year-old year. He did everything and did it in a remarkable way. He was a survivor. Coming back from that illness [as a 4-year-old] was remarkable."
Trainer - Doug Peterson

"All you have to do is keep quiet and be smooth. If you moved on him, he was gone. The only time I ever moved on him was when he came out of the gate. I wouldn't even have to make a move after that. He would just take off."
Jockey - Jean Cruget

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